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Hydrive Trencher - Up to 8T

Machine: Skid Steer, Track Loader, Tele, Excavator

Attachment: Hydrive Trencher

Class: Standard, Heavy Duty (XD)

Unique drive system positioning allows for more usable horse power, providing greater efficiency for serious trenching. Twin spoil augers remove finely crumbled spoil to both sides of the trench. Spring loaded crumber ensures a maximum spoil removal and a clean trench.

Our trenchers are manufactured in-house to the highest industry quality. They feature an Eaton motor and Digga made gearbox ensuring reliability and performance with the piece of mind you expect from a Digga product.

4 different chain options are available for trenching in different ground conditions from general earth, rocky ground, concrete, asphalt and frozen ground.

  • Twin spoil augers for efficient spoil removal on both sides
  • Frame can be side shifted for digging close to structures
  • Removable augers for close-up trenching to walls or fences
  • 4 different Chain options, Earth, Frost, Combo, and Diggatac
  • Advanced design for effective re-compaction
  • Industry Leading Warranty

Features & Benefits

Digga trenchers come packed with really practical features.



Hydrive Trencher Specifications

Length 1888 mm 2160 mm 2478 mm
Horizontal Height 802 mm 802 mm 957 mm
Width 1212 mm 1212 mm 1212 mm
Weight - No Chain 190 kg 190 kg 238 kg
Chain Size 42 mm 42 mm 50.8 mm
Hydraulic Flow 50 - 75 lpm 50 - 80 lpm 70 - 115 lpm
Cutting Depth Up to 900 mm Up to 1200 mm Up to 1200 mm
Cutting Width 100 mm 100 mm 150 mm
  150 mm 150 mm 200 mm
  200 mm 200 mm 250 mm
  250 mm 250 mm 300 mm
  300 mm 300 mm 350 mm
(*) Guide is a recommendation only.