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Light / Medium Range

Inventory Code: LMRHH



The new DMS breakers are built in a mono-block structure, eliminating the traditional tie-rod bolts. The only one part which has to be assembled to the body of the breaker by using screws is the accumulator. The accumulator has a secondary function as a cap, sealing the top of the breaker. The elimination of tie-rod bolts from the breaker also eliminates the most common cause of downtime, broken bolts.Moreover the serious consequences of using a breaker with an undetected broken bolt are eliminated.Service operations are very easy and economical. By simply removing the accumulator, all bushings and the piston are immediately accessible.


The mono-block structure is vulcanized in a unique body with the external case by means of a PATENTED polyurethane solution.Noise is reduced to a minimum. The excavator arm is protected from harmful micro vibrations. The unique stepped piston design delivers maximum energy to the chisel and minimum recoil to the breaker body.

The DMS breakers have an advanced modular hydraulic brake. When the tool is not in contact with the rock the oil supply is automatically recycled and pressure strokes are avoided.

A special valve stabilizes the working pressure no matter what the oil flow is. In that way it keeps the energy stroke constant.