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Medium / Heavy Range Hydraulic Hammers

Inventory Code: MHHH



The Socomec medium-heavy range is represented by the MDO series with energy recovery system, a range from 850 to 3600 kg able to supply an energy for stroke from 1700 to 8000 J and to be fitted on excavators 12 to 70 t.

Launched in 1975 the MDO medium-heavy range, has been constantly updated by up lying new patented technical solutions and new models, this range of super-breakers, it's indeed for Socomec a well established reality, appreciated for its reliability, productivity and performances.

All models are equipped with:

Hydraulic brake: All SOCOMEC breakers have a hydraulic braking system which helps to eliminate blank strokes.

Cylinder guide bushes: In the SOCOMEC construction, the piston is not directly in contact with the cylinder but it slides in a series of guide bushings. When resealing is necessary it is possible to remove the piston and bushings without loosening the breaker tie-rods. This cost saving design is exclusive to SOCOMEC.

Stroke variation: SOCOMEC breakers deliver the highest productivity in any material. This is achieved by variation of the blow frequency and impact energy. The breaker reacts to the resistance of the material to be broken and is designed to work always at maximum efficiency.

Autolube system: It is possible to connect the breaker to a power greasing system, operated from the drivers cab. Kit available on request.

Sealing system: Three seal rings between the cylinder lining bushes and the piston and further seals between the lining bushes and the cylinder offer excellent protection from oil leaks. Low friction type seals are used which do not overheat and have a long service life. A large wiper seal on the tool keeps dust out of the lower chamber and helps to keep grease inside the breaker. It also helps to reduce noise levels.

Soundproofing: The innovative soundproofing system reduces noise by approximately 50%. This is achieved by using special guide and coating plates which completely isolate the breaker from its frame.

Under water operation: It is possible to use the breaker under water and for under ground mining.

Energy recovery: Thanks to the piston recoil energy, some of the oil already used is directed back to the pressure chamber and is spent on the next stroke. This system increases the breaker power and productivity without drawing further energy from the excavator.

Double damping system: Perfect hydraulic balance of the moving parts so as to avoid all possible breaker recoils. Shock absorbers are built into the breaker frame above and below the breaker to avoid transmitting micro vibrations to the excavator arm.

Piston design: SOCOMEC has designed a long stepped section piston which delivers a very powerful impact to the tool and assures the owner of the highest productivity.