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Mini Rubble Bucket

Inventory Code: BU-000840
The Mini Rock Bucket is used for fast clean-up ground levelling, sifting out debris & rocks, and gathering material away from buildings and obstructions. Operators now wishing to minismise waste on site will find that the use of this type of bucket means that material can be sifted and sorted to clean out unwanted material and leave good soil behind or material behind.
Mini Rock Bucket Features:
  • 2" Tyne Spacing.
  • 25" length alloy steel tynes.

Ideal Use:

  • Clearing construction sites, sifting debris and much more
Machine Mini Machines, Small Skid Steers
Weight (Kgs) 82
Length (Overall) 635mm
Width 1066mm
Height (Overall) 381mm
Tine Spacing (between tines) 50mm
Number of Tines 14