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Mini Trencher - Under 3T

Machine: Mini, Skid Steer, Track Loader, Excavator

Attachment: Mini Trencher

Class: Standard Flow

Digga's Mini trencher is designed for Mini Machines. Like the Bigfoot Trencher, it features an adjustable skid foot to ensure desired preset depths at all times as well as four chain options for different ground conditions.

The Digga Mini Trencher allows the crumber bar to start in the trench, eliminating the need to get off the machine to reset it. A new design foot has improved visibility allowing the operator to see when the trencher is in the correct trenching position.

  • Quality Australian made Digga gearbox & Eaton motor
  • Adjustable skid foot to maintain constant digging depth
  • Up to 900mm digging depth and 200mm digging width
  • 4 chain options available; Earth, Frost, Combo and Diggatac
  • Can be side-shifted for digging close to permanent structures
  • Xtra drive available for limited flow or tough ground conditions
  • Save time & stay on the machine with the Head Start Crumber (patent pending) - Begin trenching with the crumber bar down.

Features & Benefits

Digga's NEW Mini trencher comes packed with time saving features that allows you to get the job done faster.


Mini Trencher Specifications

Length 1402 mm
Horizontal Height 645 mm
Width 989 mm
Weight 210 kg
Motor Size 2K EATON Bell
Hydraulic Flow 35 - 75 lpm
Cutting Width 100 mm
  150 mm
  200 mm
Cutting Depth Up to 900 mm
Foot Depth Presets 450 mm
  600 mm
  750 mm
  900 mm